Popup Shopping for the holidays in NYC!

New York City's Winter Village at Bryant Park is opening NEXT weekend on October 30th! At Bryant Park the Winter Village is an open-aired holiday market open from October 30th, 2015 to January 3rd 2016 for all your holiday shopping needs. The Winter Village includes over 120 popup boutiques, in picturesque "jewel box" kiosks, from around the world as well as local venders. Not only does the park have shopping but there is an iceskating rink where you can skate for free (if you bring your own skates) as well as watch performances. Check out the Bank of America Winter Village site to view the venders, check out the village map, see times for the iceskating rink, and more!   



Photo: "Bryant Park Frozen 2015 New York" by Anthony Quintano from flickr is licensed under CC 2.0.