Titi's Passion's and The Atlanta Beauty's Unbeatable Style

#GirlBoss is what we think of when talking about Titilola from TitisPassion. We had the chance to talk to Titilola and find out what inspires her personal style, top shopping spots in Atlanta, and her love for reading!

What inspired you to start your blog?

“I have always loved fashion even as a child but the constant encouragement by my friends and family inspired me to take that big step and start a fashion and lifestyle blog. I also wanted to share my perspective and hopefully inspire someone.”

Describe your person style in 3 words

“Classic, Minimalism and Fun ”

How has your person style been shaped over the years?

“My personal style has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. From graduating college and stepping into the work force to getting married and now as a mom and full-time blogger, my style has changed and reflects my life at every stage. Depending on the time of the day and what hat I am wearing (mommy or wife or friend) I switch my style.”

Photo: via Titi's Passion

Photo: via Titi's Passion

How would you describe ATL's style and how it has shaped your personal style?

“ATL's style has evolved over the last couple of years. I moved here over 13 years ago and I have seen so much changes that makes me so proud to be an Atlantien. The fashion scene is larger, Atlanta is the New York of the south and that is reflected in the style you see all across the city(from urban, to preppy, just to name a few) and the various retailers and boutiques that are popping up all around town. There are more shopping options compared to years ago and we have attracted the top names in fashion across the world. A lot of them now have flagship stores in the city. I now have more shopping options which means my closet is more versatile compared to years ago.”

Heels, flats, or sneakers? What is your go to?

“My go to is definitely sneakers, its more practical for my life as a mom but I find ways to make them stylish, case in point my Adidas superstar sneakers, I wear them with everything, dresses, jeans, shorts, etc. I still love my heels though, nothing bits a 4 inch heeled pumps in my books, I save them for events and dates with friends and my husband.”

What is your favorite fall trend right now?

“My favorite trend this fall is definitely the floral trend. It reminds me of Spring, one of my favorite time of the year.”

Photo via: Titi's Passion

Photo via: Titi's Passion

If a friend was visiting you in Atlanta, where would you take them shopping and why?

“I would definitely take them to Little Five Points because its where you would find unique pieces and fashion treasures. There are lots of boutiques in this area who cater to different styles.”

Name your top 3 favorite shopping experiences, and why those stand out. (ex: on your travels, with a friend, private shopping experience, etc.)

“Number one would definitely have to be Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy. I was in Rome for my honeymoon, so we stopped at this famous shopping district like most tourists. It stands out to me because I got to see a multitude of designer shops (a dream for a fashion lover) with unique items in one spot and my experience at the Hermes store was everything! The customer service was amazing, I even picked up a perfume for my mom, lol. There were quite a number of kiosks close to the high end stores that sold lots of treasures, I picked up a couple of scarves for my friends there. Chanel store in Barcelona, Spain ranks as my number two experience. It was my first time shopping at a Chanel store, my previous items were vintage. It was great picking up my quilted wallet that had long being on my wish list. Bergdorf goodman 5th Avenue New York. I walked into this store and I felt like a kid in a candy store, floors and floors of fashion, its a beautiful store. I picked up a Balenciaga clutch on this trip.”

Photo: via Titi's Passion

Photo: via Titi's Passion

What do you think is the best travel wardrobe?( w/out bringing half your closet)

“As an avid traveler, I alway go for comfort but stylish pieces over anything else so here is what I always have in my box my favorite jeans, denim shorts, graphic tee, t-shirt dress, flip-flops, a pair of sneakers, a pair of heels, a maxi dress and classic aviator sunglasses.”

If you could shop anywhere in the world where would it be?

“I would have to say Dubai, their malls have some of my favorite shops from around in the world in one building.”

Tell us something special/unique about you!

“Aside from fashion and travel, I love reading non-fiction books the late Sidney Sheldon is one of my favorite authors.”

To learn more about Titilola visit her blog at www.TitisPassion.com. Find out more about shopping Atlanta by clicking the button below!