Best Cities for Valentines Day

Whether you know the holiday better by the name Singles Awareness Day, or you only celebrate it because your mom still sends you a Valentines Day box every year, OR for those who really do celebrate Valentines Day for the holiday Hallmark intended it to be... it is always a good excuse to go shopping!

Boffo Shop's Top 5 Cities (for shopping and sweets) for Valentines Day

Yes some shopping destinations are better then others, especially for holidays. Now what is a shopping trip without sweets to top it off?! We have searched the many shopping destinations to bring you the best shopping cities with something sweet to share with your sweetheart *swoon* OR stuff that baby in your own mouth and be thankful you don't have to share... your choice. In no particular order here they are, our top 5 Valentines Day shopping destinations!

# 1. New York City, New York

With New York Fashion Week in full swing there is a lot going in New York's fashion scene. Boffo Shop have searched out the top 14 shopping districts in New York and some of them are a must visit when shopping for Valentines Day! Looking to be creative? Some of the best local boutiques are in Lower/Midtown Manhattan. Head to Orchard Street, Notlita Shopping District, or Bleecker Street. For those with more expensive taste Madison Avenue and 5th Ave is calling your name! Remember jewelry is always a good idea especially if you plan to pop THE question (no pressure). You won't find a better selection of jewelry stores then what you will find in the Diamond District. Now to top off a day shopping or add it to the pile of gifts, a cupcake goes a long way. Magnolia Bakery is now a world wide company BUT the quality of the cupcakes has not declined one bit. Our favorite is the Coconut cupcake... its like eating a coconut flavored cloud, an experience you will never forget.

#2. Charleston, South Carolina

Everyone might be in a bit of a bitter mood in Charleston, since the Panthers, just this past Sunday, lost the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos but it doesn't make this city less romantic and a perfect place to shop. To some Charleston might not be a shopping destination because it does not have the 14 shopping districts New York has or the endless designer boutiques like Miami but this coastal city has been named number one on the most romantic cities in the US by Travel + Leisure Mag for a good reason. First start your shopping by walking down King Street where local and national chains stores line the street and the Belmond Hotel has a little shopping center with designer brands. Then head down Market Street to the Historic City Market. Besides all the unique local art, accessories, and apparel there are some great eateries as well. Make sure to stop into Market Street Sweets and pick up their homemade pralines and bear claws to treat your sweet tooth!

# 3 Honolulu, Hawaii

It is hard to beat the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. With the green mountains, white sandy beaches, and the clear blue ocean it is one romantic getaway. Shopping is a past time for tourists who visit Honolulu. The best part about shopping in Honolulu is that there is a perfect mix between local flavor and well known loved brands. For easy beach to shopping locations start your shopping spree in Waikiki. Within a couple block radius there are two great open-aired shopping centers as well as great street side shopping along Kalakaua Ave. including Luxury Row. For something really special and locally made make your way to the Aloha Stadium for the Swap Meet & Marketplace. To end the day on a romantic note, head to Frostcity and pick up a shaved ice with ice cream (it's and AMAZING combo, trust us) and head to Diamond Head to watch the sunset! 

# 4 Seattle, Washington

There are so many great romantic movies in Seattle, Say Anything..., Sleepless in Seattle, Love Happens, Fifty Shades of Grey (romantic or not), and the list goes on. Taking in the view from the Space Needle is an obvious must when trying to get those romantic points but take a trip downtown to the Public Market on 1st Street and soak in the seaside city. To really get some shopping in head up Pike Street from the Public Market to the Downtown Shopping district. Eight blocks of big brand name stores as well hidden local gems it's hard to NOT find something for you or your main squeeze. Downtown can be busy and not always intimate, head up highway 99 to Fremont Place North shopping district to enjoy a quieter setting. In Fremont after enjoying a nice romantic dinner at one of the hip restaurants head over to Simply Dessert and get a slice of cake, or just buy to whole cake... cake in the morning is always a win!

# 5 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago can be harsh in the winter and spring but there is something about the cold and snow and a cozy warm fireplace that can really hit the spot for Valentines Day. But first, put on all your layers and head out to the Magnificent Mile! All the brand name stores you could possibly want including 3 decently sized malls line Michigan Ave. If designer brands are more your style at the northern tip of the Mag Mile is Oak Street which has a great selection of designer brands. Like New York, Chicago has an area specifically for those in search of that perfect piece of jewelry. In the Chicago Loop is Jewelers Row on N State Street where dozens and dozens of jewelers will help you find the special item. Jewelry and designer brands does not float everyones boat, if this is you take the drive up to Wicker Park to the Fashion Triangle for unique local boutiques as well as consignment stores. To warm up head into Mindy's HotChocolate. This little secret is a locals favorite and a great place to eat some sweets! 

Happy Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day/Bae Day/BFF Day! For more information on these shopping district head to the main city pages for city maps, store lists and more!