Top Apps to Have When Traveling!

Apps are taking over the tech world and there is really an app for almost anything. Mediation, gaming, socail media, cooking, exercising, etc. Today we will look at some of the best travel apps to help you with your travel. There are so many great apps out there but these 5 are some of our favorites! 

1. TripIt- TripIt is a wonderful tool that allows you to plan every aspect of your trip on one platform. One great feature is that you can customize your itinerary OR you can allow the app to do it for you. Just by inputting your flight info, hotel dates/location, car rental, etc., the app will help you plan fun activities, suggest restaurants, and overall assist you on planning the best trip! 

2. Postgram- Emails, texts, and phone calls have taken over the communication world, but it is still nice to receive postcards from our friends and loved ones. This app makes it easy AND you get to use a photo you personally took! After taking the perfect photo, open the Postgram app, make your post card, address it on the app, hit send and BAM! Postgram will make the postcard and send it to the recipient! How awesome is that?! No need to worry about finding stamps or buying a postcard while you are traveling. 

3. Google Translate- This app is kind of a given when you are traveling to a foreign country where you don't speak the language. With over a hundred languages to translate you can in put a word/sentence you wish to know or if you can't read a sign or understand a menu type in the word and Google Translate will translate the words for you! 

4. Gas Buddy- Road Trip! Gas prices are so low these days that a road trip instead of flying can save you big bucks! The Gas Buddy app is going to help you save even more! When you open this app it uses your location to find the closest and cheapest gas stations to fill up your tank! It is perfect when driving on a highway and you just want a quick stop and go gas location that is also cheap!

4. CityMaps2Go- When you are traveling sometimes you are not about to pay the expensive cost of having roaming charges and international charges to your phone. Unfortunately, if you are one of the people that is directionally impaired and you count on google maps even in your own town, and you are not willing to pay for extra phone charges then you could be in big trouble. Thankfully CityMaps2Go has over 7,000 city maps to download on your phone before you go on your trip! So when you are traveling without mobile data or internet these maps will come in handy! 

5. Gogobot- Gogobot is your guide to the city you are visiting. On this app you can see the top attractions in the city, where to eat, and you can submit a review for those who love to share their experience! Add a photo to their "postcards" and know where the local hang out! This app is great when traveling to a new city and you want to know what there is to do!

Finally we would also love to share that boffo shop will be unveiling the BoffoShop App in the coming months for shoppers to share their experiences and connect with shopping districts for sales, events, and more! We hope you are looking forward to what we hope will be the best traveling shopping app out there as much as we are! For the time being comment on what you think you would like to see on the boffo shop app!