Fly Like a Fashion Pro: Know the Carry-On ABC's

No matter if you are on a 2 hour flight or a 8 hour flight or you don't have a layover or you have a couple hour layover, packing the perfect carry-on can be key! The carry-on ABC's go like this...

A: Always be prepared for anything

B: Big bags are the best! (say that 10x fast)

C: Comfy, casual, and cute style is a must so pack your carry-on accordingly

Let's start with A. Always be prepared.

  • Pack a makeup kit with more then just makeup necessities. 
    • Obviously all the makeup essentials should be packed (mascara, eyeliner, neutral color eye shadow, blush, foundation, and all the brushes and sponges needed for application)
    • Moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer...add a small face lotion, hand cream, and chap stick because the airport just sucks all the moisture out of your skin
    • Other body essentials are a travel size deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and hand sanitizer. 
    • This should be a no brainer, make sure to pack all the feminine products necessary, but don't forget some Advil, or Morton as well as any proscription meds.
    • Finally add some band-aids, q-tips, and a nail file just incase.
  •  Weather and Layovers can be a drag when ALL your clothes are in your checked luggage and inaccessible 
    • One essential you should never fly without is a pair of warm socks, especially if you are wearing sandals/heels. No one wants cold feet! 
    • If you wore heels, or sneakers, or cute shoes that my not be the most comfortable shoes to walk in, always have a simple but cute pair of sandals or flats that you can switch into!  
    • Rain can be romantic and all but when you are traveling sometime is can be a bit of a burden. Pack a light rain shell jacket or a small umbrella to keep you dry! 
    • This next on is a given if you have ever traveled before... bring a light jacket, cardigan, etc. because airplanes can get cold!
    •  Finally bring an extra pair of undergarments because you never know how long your layover could be and its always nice to have a clean pair of nickers! 
  •  There is a price for everything these days on flights so bring your own entertainment and snacks! 
    • A gossip mag is always a must 
    • Any technology PLUS all the chargers (i.e. Iphone, Ipad, earphones, external charger)
    • Pack an empty water bottle and fill it before the flight after you go through security. 
    • Also bring some packable snacks like, nuts, energy bar, crackers, etc. 
  • Overall airplane/travel necessities
    • NEVER forget your passport/ID 
    • Sunglasses are one of the most important carry-on items, not having sunglass on a vacay can be catastrophic! 
    • If you have a long flight and need a little shut eye, pack a sleep mask that won't smear your makeup 

On to B: Big Bags are the Best

  • Obviously, if you refer to A (Always be Prepared) then there are a good amount of essentials that should be packed in a carry-on. 
  • Big Bags with zippers are also key. When putting your goods through security you don't want anything falling out and being forever lost in the abyss that is the x-ray machine.
  • Also big bags with different compartments as well are also a plus, AND and an outside zipper for quick grab necessities like your passport and phone! 

Finally C: Comfy, casual, and cute style is a must so pack your carry-on accordingly

  • Traveling is the worst when you are not comfortable. See A, for all the comfy necessities that we added to stay comfy while traveling. (WARM SOCKS!)
  • There are a couple airport style/fashion guides but 9 time out of 10 the go so style is comfy but cute and casual. You know the, no makeup makeup look? Well that is the best way to think of travel clothes too. Look good but don't make it looks like you spent hours dressing yourself. 
    • When packing your light warm layer and comfy shoes take into consideration your airport outfit. 

As you can see some planning goes into having the perfect carry-on bag, but overall it is pretty simple. With a little organization and knowing the ABC's (wink), you are on your way to traveling like a fashion pro! Comment below and tell us the items you won't travel without in your carry-on!