Spring Fashion to Say YAASS Too!

Everyone is saying that spring has sprung. Has it though? How do we know that it has really 'sprung' as they say. Well, we are hear to tell you that yes indeed, spring is here. Not just because of the technicality that it is, literally spring but because of all the pops of bright, and pastel colors, and the all the new fashion trends are hitting the street. We put together a short list of our favorite spring 2016 trends to keep an eye out for. Here are some of our favorite trends that we wouldn't mind following.

1. Floral Rompers. Long sleeve, short sleeve, whatever floats your boat. As long as there are pretty flowers on your romper! 

2. One piece swimsuits with a sassy saying! We all secretly love one piece swimsuits ever since we saw Pamela Anderson on Bay Watch in that red one piece. Its ok you don't have to hide your love for them anymore, because baby they are back in style! 

3. Let'er rip! Ripped jeans are not a new trend but the sizes of the rips are changing as well as the location. The slight knee rip is all the rage this spring!

4. Block heels. Lets be real for a second. Not everyone is the best at walking in heels and if you are one of those non-heel walking pros... then this spring trend is for you!

Most likely you have already seen many of these trends in your city but the best is when fashionistas take a trend and make it their own! What are you favorite spring trends and how you do make it your own? Share below!