To Shop or to Dine? Billion's are Being Spent in the Top Most Visited Cities

Ever wonder what the worlds most popular cities for travelers are? Well CNN has reported the top 10 travel destinations of 2016, from Mastercard's 2016 report, and there have been some changes since last year. Due to politics and travel dangers cities like Paris have moved from top spots to a less popular destination but still keeping a spot in the top ten.

To be the top most visited cities in the world MILLIONS of visitors must visit the city and BILLIONS of dollars are spent in that city. In the top 20 destinations outside of Europe, Mastercard reports that visitors are "spending overwhelmingly" to shop instead of to dine. That means that the BILLIONS of dollars are going to retail stores and local boutiques! Hail to the shoppers of the world! 

In the top spot, the city that dethroned London, is BANGKOK! Mastercard reports that 21.47 million "international overnight visitors" are expected to visit the popular Asian city. The top 10 most popular cities for travelers from Mastercards 2016 report and the projected number of visitors goes as follows:

1. Bangkok, Thailand (21.47 million visitors)

2. London, England (19.88 million visitors)

3. Paris, France (18.03 million visitors)

4. Dubai, UAE (15.27 million visitors)

5. New York, USA (12.75 million visitors)

6. Singapore (12.11 million visitors)

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12.02 million visitors)

8. Istanbul, Turkey  (11.95 million visitors)

9. Tokyo, Japan (11.70 million visitors)

10. Seoul, South Korea (10.20 million visitors)