Charlestons Best Kept Secret Is Soon To Be Charleston's Go-To Boutique

There is no better way to shop than shopping and having  everything you buy go to support a local or global community as well as support the greater good! Charleston's Be The Change Boutique allows shoppers to shop with purpose while also offering high quality goods! On the main shopping drag of King Street, BTCB is a must visit when in downtown Charleston!

What kind of boutique is Be the Change Boutique?

“Be the Change Boutique is a boutique that partners with over 70 mission or caused based brands. On a mission to bring awareness to brands that are doing good locally or globally; from domestic to international the boutique wants purchases to make a positive impact on the world around us.”

How did Be the Change Boutique come to be?

“Ashley and Ashleigh have been purchasing with a purpose for many years! Always trying to give gifts that had a bigger meaning then just buying something for yourself or a friend; shirts that feed children in need, jewelry made by women who have been rescued from human trafficking. Offering all those types of items in 1 storefront.The items help others in some way, be it fair trade or even a local partnership.”

What kind of goods do you carry in BTCB?

“The boutique carries a large variety of items including men, women and children clothing, jewelry, bags, home goods, and accessories! ”

Photo: via Be The Change Boutique

Photo: via Be The Change Boutique

How do you decide what fair trade items to carry?

“Ashley & Ashleigh spend a lot of time researching! Looking for brands that have a bigger purpose than themselves. Many of the brands know each other, and have even introduced us.”

Do you feature locally made Charleston goods?

“Be the Change does not currently have any goods that are made in Charleston but it does have local partnerships. Organizations that are based in Charleston, or coffee that is grown worldwide but roasted in Charleston. It has quite a few partnerships that give back to our community and others that are owned by Charleston residents! This is an area the boutique is looking to more and hopes to grow.”

How do the items you carry in BTCB give back to the communities they come from?

“The items from Be the Change Boutique can provide things such as sustainable, fair paying jobs to many who were live in poverty, clean water, blankets, meals, education, and counseling. Many of the organizations that it partners with focuses on creating a sustainable life for those who are employed so that each community affected is built up.”

Photo: via Be The Change Boutique

Photo: via Be The Change Boutique

Looking into the future of BTCB, what should we be on the watch for?!

“World Change! Beautiful stories! Ashley & Ashleigh are here to support the brands bold enough to take chances! To care enough about others to put themselves last! Be the Change hopes to grow here in Charleston. Currently, the boutique is the self declared "best kept secret", but it would sure like to be a household name for all the right reasons!”

Tell us something special about BTCB!

“Ashleigh and Ashley, the owners of BTCB have been best friends since first grade; 23 years strong!! It's just the two of them who run the store and put all their time, energy and love into giving a store front to the brands who are being the change they wish to see in the world!! ”

Photo: via Be The Change Boutique

Photo: via Be The Change Boutique

Visit Be The Change Boutique at 218 King Street, B in Charleston!

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