Getting to Know the Beauty Behind Publyssity

Ever wonder where your favorite bloggers shop, or what inspires their posts? Well this week boffoSHOP got to catch up with New York fashion and lifestyle blogger Alyssa the beauty behind Publyssity. We asked her a couple questions about herself, Publiyssity, and shopping New York City! Find out where where she like to shop and other important matters like what she packs in her carry-on for a weekend getaway! 

Photo: via Publyssity

Photo: via Publyssity

What is your definition of a boffo (successful) shopping trip?

A successful shopping trip for me is when I can get a killer deal on something or when I get everything on my list.

What is your fall fashion staple?

A leather bomber jacket.

Currently, what is your favorite New York designer?

I really like Worth New York.
Photo: via Publyssity

Photo: via Publyssity

You are leaving for a weekend getaway with your girls, name 7 things you pack on your carry-on?

My swell water bottle, a lip gloss/liner, a pull-over hoodie, my adidas originals, sunglasses, a weekly gossip magazine (such a sucker for pop culture) and almonds in a plastic baggy in case I get hungry.

What is the perfect mid shopping snack?

I love a good smoothie on-the-go.


I love what I do! I know that mind sound cliche, but I was really adamant about pursuing a career I loved and after all of these years, can honestly say I do.

How did you come up with the name for your blog and what inspired you to start your blog?

I actually started a blog in college where I shared tips on landing an internship or job after graduation. I would talk about everything from what to say, how to upkeep your resume to what to wear. At the time the name was awful, AlyssaPR. I always wanted to somehow incorporate my background in PR into my blog name. When I relaunched last year, I was brainstorming names like Lyssy Publicity, etc. and my friend Jenn actually suggested combining the two and Publyssity was born.

How would you decribe your personal style?

Inconsistent! That may sound crazy, but I have changed my style SO much throughout the years. I've literally gone through every phase/trend from preppy to punk to everything in between. The one thing that has always remained is my love for taking risks and trying the latest trends.
Photo: via Publyssity

Photo: via Publyssity

With New York being one of the worlds fashion capitals there is some amazing shopping opportunities, name your top 3 shopping districts/areas you like to shop and why you like shopping those areas?

You can never go wrong in SoHo! I love heading downtown and popping into Top Shop or Opening Ceremony. I also love shopping at the big Bloomingdales on 59th st.

What city have you visited that you really enjoyed shopping in and what about the shopping in the city made you like shopping there?

I loved the shopping in Rome and found some killer one-of-a-kind pieces. The overall experience just felt glamorous and upscale.

What do you think distinguishes New York style from other cities around the world?

Anything goes! You can literally show up to a New York Fashion Week show in sneakers and sweatpants or high-end threads and still look chic. Sometimes the 'coolest' girl at the party is the one that's dressed down the most.

Photo: via Publyssity

Photo: via Publyssity

For more on shopping New York City, visit the NYC city page! Get to know more about Alyssa and keep up with her ever changing style by visiting Publyssity! Comment and let us know your favorite shopping spots or local boutiques in New York City.