Harvard Square 

Right next to Harvard University, this shopping district has many local boutiques, Harvard merchandise stores, and also big brand name stores like Gap, and American Apparel that make this area worth the visit! Find out more...

Location: 20 min from downtown Boston in Cambridge (click here for the map)

Size: medium (20-50)

Looking to spend: $$$

Charles Street  

Charles Street is about half and half antiques stores and local boutiques. Within the local boutiques and jewelry stores there is a perfect mix of local designer content as well as well known fashion labels. Find out more...

Location: 10 minute drive or 20 min walk from downtown to Beacon Hill (click here for the map)

Size: medium (20-50)

Looking to spend: $$$-$$$$

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is comprised of 3 buildings filled with eateries, local kiosks, art stores and much more. In the South Market and North Market buildings there are a lot of clothing stores and kiosks. Find out more...

Location: close to Boston City Hall Downtown (click here for the map)

Size: large (50-150)

Looking to spend: $$-$$$

Downtown Crossing   

Washington Street and Summer Street are designated pedestrian streets lined with department, big brand name, and small brand name stores. The shopping does not stop there, along the side streets there are more great small brand name stores, eateries, and gift stores. Find out more...

Location: Downtown (click here for the map)

Size: medium (20-50)

Looking to spend: $$-$$$

 Newbury Street & The shops at Prudential Center

The most concentrated shopping in Boston, there are blocks on blocks of shopping on Newbury Street and the Public Ally AND a large shopping mall. There are some great local boutiques and national boutiques mixed in with the big brands! Find out more...

Location: in Back Bay, 10-15 minute drive from downtown (click here for the map)

Size: huge ( >150)

Looking to spend: $$-$$$$

Coolidge Corner 

Coolidge corner is a neighborhood type shopping district where local businesses are more prominent than the big brand name stores. Find out more...

Location: 20 minute drive from downtown in Brookline (click here for the map)

Size: small (<20)

Looking to spend: $$-$$$


Copley Place

The reason to stop by Copley Place Mall is to search for luxuriy and designer brands. Only big brand names and designer labels are in attendance at the Copley Place. Find out more...

Location: in Back Bay 10-15 minute drive from downtown (click here for the map)

Size: large (50-150)

Looking to spend: $$$-$$$$

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