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Avenida Alvear & Patio Bullrich

Recoleta is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in BA so you can expect pricey goods from international designers as well as BA exclusive designers. Just a block away from Av. Alvear is the grandiose center Patio Bullrich. With enchanting chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and high end designers lining the halls, here you will be spending your rent check with one swipe!

Location: in Recoleta on Avenida Alvear from Adolfo Bioy Casares to Montevideo. Patio Bullrich is just odd Montevideo on Posadas. 

Size: medium (20-50) 

Looking to spend: $$$-$$$$

Buenos Aires Design & Feria de Artesanos de Plaza Francia

Just up the hill from Av. Alvear is Buenos Aires Design and the ever so popular weekend fair Feria de Artesanos in Francia Plaza. Buenos Aires Design is a mall filled with vintage and contemporary BA home designs. If you are visiting the BA Design center on the weekend you must head over to Plaza Francia for the local fair. Open on Saturdays and Sundays this fair hosts almost 100 artists and their handcrafted goods. From leather to ceramic and many other textiles and materials, here you will definitely find traditional Argentinian goods to take home!

Location: BA Design is on the hill next to Recoleta Cemetery. Recoleta market is just down the hill. 

Size: medium (20-50), market large (50-100)

Looking to spend: $-$$$

Palmero Soho

Palmero SOHO is the most trendy neighborhood in BA. Catering to the young and fashionable this neighborhood has some of the best shopping in BA. With a good mix of local and international, more heavily weighted with local, there is something for everyone. The boutiques are concentrated on Gurruchaga, Honduras, Malabia, El Salvador, and Armenia but don't let that stop you from exploring other side streets. There are gems throughout this entire neighborhood!

Location: most concentrated number of stores are in the boarders of these streets; Costa Rica, Gurruchaga, Gorriti, & Malaba.

Size: huge (>150)

Looking to Spend: $$-$$$

Villa Crespo

Known for the outlet shopping this area is great for finding a deal on international brands like Lacoste, Converse, North Face and more. Even if you are not an outlet shopper, this area also has a great selection of local and BA favorite boutiques! Where Gurruchaga intersects Aguirre is the main intersection but this shopping area spills into side streets and a few blocks both ways on Loyola and Aguirre.

Location: main shopping concentrated in the boarder of these streets; Castillo, Acevedo, Juan Ramírez de Velasco, and Serrano.

Size: large (50-100)

Looking to Spend: $$-$$$

Abasto Shopping Center

One of the more eye pleasing malls, Abasto was built in the 1930's and before becoming a mall was a train station and Congress building. If not for the mainstream brand shopping, head to Abasto for the history!

Location: off of Av. Corrientes in Balvanera.

Size: huge (<150)

Looking to spend: $$-$$$


This pedestrian only street is a classic big city street with a mix of international chains, cheap clothing boutiques, cafés, electronic stores, and book stores. There is quite the mix of stores on this thoroughfare but it is quite fun to walk Florida street to see all the different stores and to be apart of the thriving central downtown. On Florida there is a large shopping mall called Galerîas Pacîfico which has more international brands and designers as well as popular BA brands.

Location: on Florida from Mercelo T. de Alvear to Tucumán. (the further you go away from the core district there are more hardware, pharmacies, and other stores) 

Size: huge (>150) (including the mall)

Looking to spend: $-$$$$

If you Are in the Neighborhood...

  • Murillo: Argentina is know for its unmatchable leather goods. If you are in search for a plethora of leather good stores that won't break the bank, then Murillo is your street! Located in the Villa Crespo neighborhood, a section of Murillo has an eclectic selection of leather good outlet stores! Location: on Murillo from Gurruchaga to Av. Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz. Size: small (<20), Looking to spend: $$$
  • San Telmo Market (Feria de San Telmo): on Defensa street in the San Telmo neighborhood, this is one of the most popular and large local markets. On Sunday's Defensa street is completely closed off for merchants to set up their stalls and sell their handmade goods. This market is well known for its antique goods but there are also great food vendors, as well as traditional Argentinian goods like gaucho wear, yerba cups and straws, and much more! Location: on Defensia near Humberto Primo. On Sundays. Size: huge (>150), Looking to spend; $-$$$