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Bourke Street Mall (+)

Bourke Street Mall is a pedestrian and tram only section of Bourke Street that boasts international, and Australian exclusive department and retail stores. The first H&M in Australia is in one of Bourke Street's indoor shopping centers, the GPO. The main shopping is on Bourke Street mall, but continue your shopping on the parallel streets Little Collins Street, and Collins Street. Expect less concentration of retail stores but more independent boutiques on both Collins streets! Looking for designer boutiques? Head down Collins toward Russell Street you will find Gucci, LV, and more. If these three streets didn't have enough shopping for you, there is the Melbourne Central mall and the Emporium Melbourne.

Location: on Bourke Street Mall & Little Collins, from Elizabeth to Swanston Street. On Collins Streets from Elizabeth to Russell Street.   

Size: large (50-100)

Looking to spend: $$-$$$$

Tram Stations: Bourke St Mall-Stop 3, Bourke St/Swanston St, Collins St-Stop 2, Town Hall/Collins St

Centre Place & Manchester Lane

Both just a block long and parallel to one another, these shopping streets are basically connected to Bourke Street (+) shopping district. Running off of Collins Street, these two streets have a fun mix of eclectic boutiques. From vintage stores like Shag to high end jewelers like Tiffany and Company there is something for everyone along these streets. The best way to visit these two streets is if you have already walked down Collins Street, head down Manchester Lane towards Flinders Lane, then walk back up Centre Place. Manchester has a much smaller selection so if you only have time for one head down Centre Place.

Location: on Centre Place & Manchester Lane between Collins and Flinders land

Size: medium (20-50)

Looking to spend: $$ -$$$

Tram Stations: Town Hall/Collins St., Elizabeth St-Stop 5, City Square-Stop 11

Chapel Street

Chapel Street is a long street with endless stores. Some suggest doing this street in parts because it is so long and there are so many stores to visit. This 7 city block shopping district is lined with international stores, Austrailian & NZ chains, as well as a few local boutiques. Along Chapel Street there is a mix of fashion stores, food markets, restaurants, home goods, and other city market stores. Closer to Toorak Street there is more of a concentration of fashion stores and as you get closer to High street there is a large mix of fashion, and other markets.

Location: on Chapel Street from Toorak Street to High Street

Size: large (50-100)

Looking to Spend: $$-$$$$

Tram Stations: High St/Chapel St., Chapel St-Stop 31, Malvern Rd-Stop 47, Toorak Rd/Chapel St.

Queen Victoria Market

This historic market has been around for over 100 years and is an essential part to Melbourne's vibrant downtown. Taking over two city blocks, at 'Vic Market' you can find local (and few imported) fruits, vegetables, meats as well as locally made accessories, clothes and cosmetics. Just this year Queen Victoria Market was approved for large improvements and renovation. Over the next five years expect some construction, but don't let that deter you, Queen Vic will still be open on Tuesdays, and Thursday-Sunday. Check website for more details.

Location: off of Victoria Street in downtown Melbourne

Size: medium (20-50) ( including only fashion stores)

Looking to Spend: $$

Tram Stations: Queen Victoria Market/Elizabeth St., Peel Street-Stop 8, Victoria St-Stop 10

DFO South Wharf Outlet Mall

This outlet chain has DFO outlets throughout Australia, but the South Wharf DFO is just on the other side of the Yarra River from downtown Melbourne. If you are in need of staple wardrobe items from international chains but want them for a less, then visit the outlet mall.

Location: off of W Gate Fwy on Convention Center Pl

Size: huge (<150)

Looking to spend: $-$$$

Tram Stations: Southbank Tram Depot- Stop 125A (closest Tram station but in a cluster of Hwys and railways so it is best to drive to the outlet mall)

Chadstone Shopping Center

The Chadstone Shopping Center is like a classic American mall. Ranging from international chains to international designers and some Australian chains. Just a 20 minute drive from central Melbourne, if you are in need of a classic mall setting and classic selection of stores then hope in the car and head to Chadstone Shopping Center. 

Location: just off of Monash Hwy on Dandenong Rd.

Size: large (50-100)

Looking to spend: $$$-$$$$

Tram Stations: no stations with in walking distance

If you Are in the Neighborhood...

  • Gertrude Street: this street has a small but unique collection of fashion boutiques. Both men and women can find something special here. An eclectic mix of bars, galleries, boutiques,eateries, and tattoo parlors add to the shopping experience. Location: on Gertrude Street from Brunswick Street to Smith Street. Size: small, Looking to spend: $$-$$$
  • Crossley Street: Most well known for its Pellegini's Espresso Bar and hip restaurants, Crossley Street has a small but worthy men's bespoke boutiques as well as galleries, jewelers and women's fashion boutiques. This alley like shopping district is small but with the unique selection of local boutiques for both men and women is worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood! Location: on Crossley Street from Little Bourke Street to Bourke Street. Size: small (<20) Looking to spend: $$$
  • Sydney Road: This long street is scattered with vintage, punk rock, and textile clothing boutiques. The apparel and accessories stores are scattered about every other block in between local restaurants and other businesses. If you are in search for vintage and an offbeat mix of boutiques, Sydney Street is your shopping district. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because the shops worth visiting span 8 city blocks. Location: on Sydney Street from Brunswick Road to Hope Street. Size: medium (20-50), Looking to spend: $$ 
  • Bridge Road: Bargain shopper? This is your place to shop! While this area has a bunch of vacant store fronts, there is still some gems to be found in the open boutiques! On Bridge Road, you will find bargain stores, home goods stores, and other local businesses mixed in. Like Sydney Street the stores are scattered up and down this road so wear comfortable shoes and get ready to search the racks for a good deal. Location: on Bridge Road from Punt Road to Church Street. Size: medium (20-50), Looking to spend: $-$$