Local Websites/Blogs/Apps

  • Traveling through London can be made easier by using various Apps. Here are a list of useful apps for getting around London:
    • Easy Metro Milano: This app makes traveling the metro just that much easier!
    • Car2Go: If you are in need of a quick mode of personal transportation, smart cars are scattered around the city for your use with this app! Just register online and download the app and you will be ready for this car sharing service! 
    • Eat Milan: ($1.99) The food writer for this app has been explore Italian food for decades and has some awesome insight on the best places to eat!
    • WeTap: This app shows you the best places to find free water for the long shopping days!  






  • Azienda Tresporti Milanesi (ATM): Milan's metro system is most well known as ATM. There are 4 main metros that run throughout Milan's Metropolitan, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, & Line 5. Click here for information on routs, where to buy tickets, and times. For easier navigation download the ATM Milano app! 
  • Trams and busses: There are above ground trams that travel throughout Milan as well as busses. Tickets for busses and trams must be bought at kiosks or some stores marked with a  "T" sell tickets. Click here to find out where to buy tickets, fares prices, and routs. 
  • Taxi: Taxi's are another means of transportation but can be very expensive. Uber is available in Milan. There is a "bus" calles RadioBus that is similar to a taxi because you can call ahead and make a reservation for them to pick you up and drop you off where you would like. Prices for the RadioBus vary. 
  • BikeMi: BikeMi is the bike sharing public transportation service. There a bike stations all round the city, and for those that are not feeling as energized for a bike around the city there are motorized bikes for rent as well! Click here for more information on BikeMi.